In the midst of rapid changes in various industries, including mobility, FUKOKU Group has renewed its previous corporate philosophy and established a new MVV (Mission, Vision, Values), on the occasion of celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2023.
Under our Corporate Spirit of “Yes, We Do! (Let’s Take on New Challenges Together!),” we have listened sincerely to what our customers want so that we could produce new technologies, new production methods, and new values since the foundation of the company.
We treasure this spirit, which has been passed down across generations of FUKOKU Group’s employees, all employees share the hope to achieve MVV that will shine in the new era, and work together to advance to a new stage.



FUKOKU Group’s mission

To transform all wishes into excitement.


The future FUKOKU Group wants to build

A company that is sincerely loved for its in-depth proposal and solid solution capabilities.


The mindset to be adopted by all FUKOKU Group employees


Enjoy trying new things without fear of mistakes.
A new world awaits in unknown areas.

Stick at it

Keep asking questions until a solution is found.
If you don’t give up, you will eventually find the answer.

Take pride

Have pride in your own manufacturing.
No one will go against your heartfelt belief.


Find a new you every day. Because there is no end to human potential.


Look for colleagues’ good qualities and compliment them.
A cycle of praise will make an attractive organization.


Build an environment where employees can talk openly and frankly.
Remember: there are no enemies in the company, only colleagues who inspire each other

Our Corporate Spirit

“Yes, We Do !”
Let’s challenge something new together!

Let’s do it, let’s make a challenge.
Nothing can be achieved without trying.